UJ FIRE: “They used the police to try and scare us into a confession”

2 thoughts on “UJ FIRE: “They used the police to try and scare us into a confession””

  1. I just find to be completely nonsense, the security guards are placed throughout the University. So how could have this happened. Damages worth for multimillion yet responsible guards were there.

    I believe that the Auditorium had sprinkler to sense the fire then they’d terminate the blazing flames. so in this case how did it happen that these materials didn’t work.

    UJ should revise the responsibilities of those bouncers, they harass students in the gate, causing delays for learners, doing as they please yet kak unfolds right in front of their eyes.

    Even this media consultant, Herman Esterhuizen, why doesn’t he comment about the banned learners? They put the blame to the students yet they still plea people to intervene for arrests of those students, so the question is why are they banned? These media coordinators they always find a way to protect the institutions they work for.

    Magnificent Mndebele

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